Replacement Uniball Bearings and Retaining Rings


Product Description

Replacement uniball spherical bearings for the XP-1000, Turbo XP, RS1,  These are COM9T-F1 bearings that are pressed into the arms. Kit also includes replacement retaining rings. These are wear items and not covered under the warranty of the arms.


  • Spherical Bearings are self-lubricating Teflon lined, hardened zinc plated carbon steel

Kit Includes

Quantity 8: COM 9T-F1 uniball spherical bearings

Quantity 8: Retaining rings


To replace old bearings remove retaining ring using snap ring pliers. (There is only 1 ring per bearing)

use a socket that fits just inside the ridge opposite side of the retaining ring. Use a press or light hammer to remove the bearing.

Do the reverse to install the new bearing. Don’t forget to install the new retaining rings

Bearings are an F1 fit (tight fit) to keep dirt out (they should be hard to move by hand)

* Bearings and bushings are replaceable wear items and not covered under warranty


  • ATLAS ORV radius arms for XP 1000, XP Turbo, and RS1
  • ATLAS ORV Swaybar links for PRO R, XP 1000
  • Bearing bore is 9/16″ (Reference picture for size)


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